Diaper Cakes

Diaper Cakes make excellent baby gifts or shower centerpieces. They are wonderful in the
corporate world as well because mom-to-be will feel so special when they receive something
so unique.
You won't find diapercakes more classy and beautiful than those made by The Gift Cakery. The
disposable diapers are enclosed in handmade fabric rings so that they don't show. The cake rings
are sewn from decorator fabrics in classic color and pattern combinations. A few of our favorite
fabrics include toiles, plaids, ginghams, dots and stripes. Special attention is given to the small
details such as trims, proportion, and the exceptional quality of each ingredient.
Diapercakes from The Gift Cakery are overflowing with name brand, high-quality "ingredients".
A typical cake contains between 10 and 15 of the following:

handmade hardwood baby blocks
handmade burp cloths with chenille, embroidery, or applique
baby socks/crib shoes
stuffed animal/baby toy
baby washcloths/waterproof crib pad
baby hat/bonnet/bloomers
pacifier/baby spoon
baby soap/shampoo/lotion/powder

The cake is enclosed in a cellophane gift bag and adorned with classic grosgrain ribbon.
Each Gift Cakery Diaper Cake is only $55.

Themed Cakes